TV Buying Guide - Sound

Do I need a sound system for my TV?

All televisions have their own built-in speakers to deliver sound but the comparison between these built-in speakers and custom-designed surround sound speaker systems can be worlds apart. Deep bass, clear treble and room-filling sound to watch your favourite TV and movies are only truly achievable with the support of additional sound devices such as a sound bar, soundstage or home cinema system.

Sound bar, soundstage or home cinema system?

As the name suggests, a soundbar is a long bar-shaped speaker that sits beneath your TV on the stand or can be fixed to the wall. Wireless soundbars, avoid ugly wires trailing from your TV to the soundbar. Many of them can also be connected to a multi-room speaker system which allows you to wirelessly stream music through your sound bar. A wired or wireless subwoofer enhances the bass and delivers the depth of sound.

A soundstage system, on the other hand, provides an all-in-one solution and generally includes a built-in subwoofer.

If you want true surround sound, a home cinema system with both front and rear speakers will really put you at the heart of the action on screen, akin to the sound you experience at the movies.

In a nutshell…

  • Your TV’s built-in speakers may not be enough for you if you want really incredible sound.
  • Sound bars are discrete and pack a good punch when partnered with a subwoofer. They look great sitting in front of or beneath large screen TVs. Curved sound bars are also available to match curved TVs.
  • Many sound bars are also compatible with multi-room speaker systems. They will work in conjunction with other speakers around your home, allowing you to stream your music throughout your house.
  • Soundstages are a similar size to a DVD player, and house all the speakers in one system. They look great with smaller screens.
  • Home cinema systems provide the ultimate experience, with front and rear surround sound speakers.

Interested in boosting your TV’s sound?